R3 Shred Stack!
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R3 Shred Stack!

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R3 Protein's Ultimate Fat Burning Stack!

We've combined our three most popular fat burning supplements together into this cost saving stack! Save over $28 dollars when you combine these three scientifically proven supplements together and put your body in the ideal fat burning state!

Simply choose your favourite R3 Protein powder, and let the fat burning begin.

R3 Platinum ALCAR

Want to burn fat, increase endurance AND boost brain function? R3 Platinum ALCAR  is your go to supplement! When used primarily as a fat burner,  ALCAR will help to transport free fatty acids to the mitochondria of muscle cells, where they are converted through the process of oxidation into packets of energy to be used by the ATP system. The increased oxidation of fat that results from this process will help a person to convert stored body fat to energy. When taken prior to exercise, this supplement will enable your energy system to draw from fat stores while you are training. This will preserve your glycogen levels so that you have a greater training endurance.


The ultimate intra workout performance booster! Each serving contains a scientifically backed 6g dose of BCAA’s in the highly researched and proven 2:1:1 ratio, along with hydration promoting electrolytes. Designed to be the ideal intra workout supplement that contains everything you DO need and nothing you DON’T, to help you maintain stamina and power throughout your session.

R3 Vegan or Whey

R3 Vegan is 100% dairy-free, as well as free from unnatural colours, flavours and sweeteners, making it easy for your body to absorb and utilise. We use only high quality, highly refined ingredients to ensure the smoothest of textures and unbelievably delicious flavours. This protein is the quintessential vegan-friendly supplement encouraging increased muscle mass, weight loss, or a general boost in health and vitality!

R3 Whey was developed to support your body and help you REFUEL, RESTORE, REVIVE, our whey protein concentrate incorporates all 9 essential amino acids, along with whey from 100% Australian grass fed cows, to ensure it is the complete and ideal protein supplement.