Not just the product of another entrepreneur trying to find a gap in the market, R3 Protein was born from absolute necessity. Our range wasn’t created because profit was our focus, it was created because we couldn’t find an all-natural product we would be genuinely happy to put in our bodies, so we decided to make our own. At R3 Protein, we are a team of elite and accomplished athletes with a real passion for health and a strong need to replenish with only the best. We aren’t just the people selling the product, we are the very real people using it and getting very real results from it.


REFUEL effectively, naturally

No effort was spared in ensuring we had the right product to help athletes refuel naturally. With our carefully selected food technicians paired with tireless research that extended beyond textbooks and into our own real-life needs, we were able to developed products that we now stand confidently behind. Boasting no artificial flavours or synthetic ingredients, our products not only taste good, they also ensure end users remain at the pinnacle of their natural health.


RESTORE your faith in the industry

R3 unapologetically set out to challenge the pre-existing lack of transparency on the market. We believe in an all-natural product, and we believe in being able to market this honestly, as our core mission. Unlike other “healthy game changers” who ‘advertise tactically’ to guide consumers decisions, we stand clear and can put our hand on our hearts in saying ‘all of our products remain entirely free from the artificial secrets other companies fail to reveal.’


REVIVE your life

Contrary to the current message portrayed by the industry, we don’t believe you have to compromise on results, price or flavour in order to stay entirely natural. We are proud to highlight that we compete at the top of our respective sports worldwide, and when not travelling the world competing, we remain true to our health and ensure we consume nothing but the best. Our real-world experience has allowed us to create a range of products that stand out in a crowd of high volume, highly synthetic products. We believe in order to look, feel and perform at your best you have to nourish yourself from the inside out with nothing but the best. Including only the things your body does need, and none of the artificial nasties it doesn’t, treat yourself, make a purchase and experience the benefits of R3 Protein by allowing your body to Refuel, Restore and Revive.


Meet the Founders:


With an eternal interest in sport and fitness, and a flexible schedule that comes with being a long-haul pilot, Chad decided he was going to push his body to its physical limits and pursue his lifelong dream of being a competitive body-builder. With such a great dream came great responsibility to ensure he was supplementing with only the best natural products on the market. Just in case you didn’t already know, the level of protein consumption by competitive body builders is often just as extreme as their gruelling training schedules. Often, Chad would find many of the well-known supplement brands on the market were full of artificial fillers and ingredients that caused bloating and other negative side affects. Factoring in his need to always to be at peak performance and health and the discovery of the lack of transparent and genuinely natural products on the market, Chad joined forces with his athlete brother and R3 Protein was born.


Having been able to restore and revive his muscles with the quality supplements he helped R3 Protein create, Chad went on to compete in the world’s biggest Natural bodybuilding federation, The ICN. In his first year he won the Overall title for Men’s physique at both the state and Australian national level where he earned his Men’s Physique Pro Card. 2018 was another incredibly successful year for Chad on the competitive stage, where in his very first pro show at the Australian Fitness Expo Pro Night of Champions, he claimed the coveted title of Australian Pro CHAMPION. Just a few weeks later he placed 2nd in the ICN Professional World Championships, and now holds the ranking of World Number 2 in the natural Men’s Physique Professional class. After competing in only 2 seasons, Chad has proven himself to be a breakout star and continues to solidify his dominant presence in the natural body building industry.



Fed up with life behind a computer screen, Jack decided to make a change and break-free from the monotony of the 9-to-5 grind. Removing himself from the shackles of his desk job, he set out to pursue his ultimate passion. Constantly pushing his body to extreme limits, Jack realised he needed to ensure he was refuelling himself with only the things his body did need. Having such a strong compulsion to achieve the best, he knew he only wanted to replenish with the best and quickly discovered a lack of ALL-NATURAL supplements on the market. Having a knack for being able to turn negative energy into something positive, Jack decided if he couldn’t find the right products he would simply have to ‘be the change’ and create them himself.


Jack is now achieving bigger and better things each day and becoming more commonly known as ‘the world’s most extreme cyclist’. As well as being a driving force in creating our entire line of all-natural supplements, he has used them to become the ultimate athlete. In 2018 alone Jack rode 50000km and astonished all as he completed not just one, but four ascents in the Taiwan King of the Mountain, proving himself as a peak-performing and engaging athlete. Jack is currently running successful bike tours and adventures for his clients across the globe, whilst continuing to break through individual barriers of Ultra Endurance Cycling.



Staying at optimum health to ensure we as athletes and health enthusiasts can maintain our physical peaks is at the core of our operation here at R3 protein. We genuinely are people who will only supplement with the best so that we are consistently achieving the best. We honestly do believe that clean supplements free from all artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners are better for the body and we have achieved the results that prove it. We aren’t just the same old businessmen using our minor interest in health to break into the market, but rather we are serious athletes with a focus on natural health that have used our experience to try and change the industry and the market for the better.


So there you have it, now you know all about us. We'd love to know a little more about you and hope that you'll be joining the rapidly growing R3 Protein community very soon!

Yours naturally,

Chad and Jack Thompson
R3 Protein Founders