Whey VS Vegan - What's the difference and which should you use?

01 Aug , 2018


Since the recent introduction of our new 100% natural Whey Protein, we’ve been bombarded with questions around whether you guys (our customers) should be using our Vegan or Whey protein to achieve your goals.  So here we are to inform you about the differences between the two products and to give you guidance in deciding which of our proteins is the most suitable product for you.


Firstly, you might ask why is it even necessary to consume the correct amount of protein each day? Well, protein (and the amino acid chains that it is made up of) is actually required by the body to elicit the repair and generation of new cells. To keep it simple, since everything in the body is made up of cells, and cells need protein to build and repair tissue - protein is essential in enabling the body to refuel, restore and revive your muscles.

Now you know why you should be consuming protein lets talk about when and how you should have it. Due to its ability to be absorbed much faster into the bloodstream, we recommend consuming a protein shake directly following exercise. Although whole foods such as meat and nuts contain high levels of protein, the protein contained in our R3 Protein shakes can be transported far quicker to the cells and muscles that require it. Food is always the best source of protein for everyday life, however, when used as suggested, an R3 Protein shake elicits much faster muscle recovery and therefore equals the far more efficient growth of lean muscle mass.


What is the difference between our Vegan and Whey Protein, and which is better for YOUR body?

There are two key differences when it comes to deciding which of our range is better for you. The first being the most obvious in the molecular make-up of the protein either coming from an animal based product or a plant based product. Our vegan protein range, made from a blend of pea and brown rice proteins, is not only ideal for those following a vegan or plant based lifestyle, but it is also suitable for those who are sensitive to, or are dietary restricted by dairy.  Whereas our Whey Protein is made from 100% grass fed Australian dairy cows. According to our customer feedback, we are also happy to say our whey protein results in no bloating or digestion issues – even from those who have previously been sensitive to dairy consumption.

Both our Whey and Vegan products (unlike the bulk of products on the market) are free from artificial ingredients. This means no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Another key difference between our Whey and Vegan product, is the absorption rate of nutrients into the bloodstream. Generally, Whey protein is a faster acting source of protein in comparison to Vegan protein. This means that whey protein is digested quickly and transported to the muscles quicker than a vegan product – which makes it perfect for post-exercise nutrition. Vegan protein, on the other hand, is a slightly slower digesting protein, but generally causes less “gut-issues”, and is often used in smoothies and consumed between means as a ‘snack’ as it leaves people feeling fuller for longer.


All of R3 Protein’s products are 100% natural, gluten free and low fat. They are all made in Australia using Australian ingredients where possible. We use only the highest quality and purest ingredients where we can, and refuse to include any synthetics or fillers in any of our range. Our mission was to create all natural products that didn’t sacrifice on macro-nutrient breakdown or flavour – and that is exactly what we achieved. All our products were tested on, and used by professional, natural athletes to ensure R3 is one of the highest quality products available on the market today.


Itching to try it for yourself? Head to our PRODUCTS page to check them out now!

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