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R3 Supplement stacks now available! - Stack together and save on the cost!

100% Natural, clean supplements. Developed by real athletes, to maximise performance.

The R3 Story - An idea born by two athlete brothers:

Not just the product of another entrepreneur trying to find a gap in the market, R3 Protein was born from absolute necessity. Our range wasn’t created because profit was our focus, it was created because we couldn’t find an all-natural product we would be genuinely happy to put in our bodies, so we decided to make our own. At R3 Protein, we are a team of elite and accomplished athletes with a real passion for health and a strong need to replenish with only the best. We aren’t just the people selling the product, we are the very real people using it and getting very real results from it.

We’d love to tell you more about who we are, why we started, what makes us different, and who our founders are! Please click here to read the full R3 Protein Story.

What makes us different?

Deal of the week! - R3 STRENGTH Stack!

Are you trying to gain as much strength, muscle and/or power as possible from your current Training regime? Well look no further!

At R3 Protein, we've combined our three most popular supplements designed to increase strength, muscle size and power into this one cost saving stack. Simply choose your favourite R3 Protein powder (Whey or Vegan) and let the gains begin!



Professional athletes in all fields from bodybuilding to cycling, as well as everyday health and fitness enthusiasts use R3 HYDRAMINO during their workouts to ensure they can train harder, for longer and with more intensity than they ever thought possible.
Containing 6g of BCAA per serve, as well as hydration promoting electorlytes - R3 Hydramino is the ultimate intra workout supplement.
Make your next workout count by using R3 HYDRAMINO.


What our customers are saying about us:


Top Shelf Products.
Recommend, clean and delicious. 
Thomas R. - R3 Strength Stack


Delish. After trying many protein powders over the last 2 years this is by far the best, mixed with berries, Greek yoghurt, milk and banana it is delicious.
Sandra H. Whey Protein - French Vanilla


Amazing taste and not too sweet. Great product.